Welcome to my blog. I hope that whether you are a Music Therapist, or someone wanting to know more about music therapy, you will find useful or interesting information and ideas here.

My name is Ellie Ruddock and I am a UK Music Therapist and Neurologic Music Therapist. I trained at Roehampton University, London, and graduated with an MA in Music Therapy in 2013. I currently contract solely with not-for-profit organisation Chiltern Music Therapy, where I also undertake the role of Training & Development Manager. Additionally, I am a Trustee for the British Association for Music Therapy.

I work with clients of all ages, abilities and diagnoses in many different clinical settings, including neuro-rehabilitation as a specialist Neurologic Music Therapist.

Working in these clinical, management and national association roles gives me such a varied experience of what it is to be a Music Therapist in the UK in 2016. And this inspires me to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas with you.

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