Reflections on Music Therapy Blog, aged 3 years and 4 months

I just realised that I created Music Therapy Blog in January 2016, making it over 3 years old now. What better time to reflect on the process of starting and maintaining a professional blog? I’ll keep it brief (something I’m still learning to do!).

Firstly, it’s only now that I’m setting up new guest writers as contributors to the blog whilst I’m on maternity leave that I’m realising that Music Therapy Blog doesn’t subscribe to one style of writing, one type of content and doesn’t have guidelines for how to write a post. I think my only rule is: it must be centered around Music Therapy! I’m enjoying experimenting with different styles of posts, different writing tones, different levels of academia. And also different levels of personal disclosure.

In January 2016, the idea of writing all about my pregnancy and what I learned a clinician would have filled me with dread: ‘you can’t write something personal! It’s a professional blog!’ would have been my immediate reflex. But as professionals we grow, we change and we adapt to our changing lives and the experiences we have. I’m really pleased that a) I wrote that post and b) I have grown and developed and Music Therapy Blog has reflected that.

I am so humbled by and grateful for the posts written by other contributors: Em Gordon, Laura Al Bandar and Annie Donaldson. It’s incredible to feature other people’s experiences and processes on the blog and I also really appreciate the time that these three wonderful women have taken to write and that they’ve put themselves out there on the blog.

Perhaps one thing I would like to do differently in the future is to be able to post more regularly and not necessarily with huge posts on complex topics. I gave this a go last year in Finding The Time To Write and interestingly still feel the pressure to publish something ‘meaty’, which inevitably results in feeling pressured to write and research, and it doesn’t happen.

I cannot wait to bring some new topics to the Blog in the coming months, especially as (at the time of publishing) I have 6 GUEST BLOGGERS lined up to contribute to content!

Hopefully this blog can continue to be as diverse as the practitioners that make up our profession and can reach even more people to provide thought provoking ideas and valuable reflections of processes and experiences.

As always, if you have any ideas, responses or questions please do comment below and we’ll get a discussion going!

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Ellie received her MA in Music Therapy from Roehampton University, and undertook additional training to receive certification as a Neurologic Music Therapist. She is employed by Chiltern Music Therapy and as well as a clinician works as a Supervisor and Manager for the organisation. Ellie has experience of working individually and running groups with adults, older adults, children and infants across a number of health and social care sectors, including learning disabilities, ASD, mental health, brain injury and dementia. Alongside her music therapy work Ellie was previously a Trustee and the Student Liaison Officer for the British Association for Music Therapy.

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