Calling all writers! Guest bloggers for Music Therapy Blog required

Dear Readers,

Have you got a Music Therapy topic you’re itching to write about? Or an idea you want to put forwards in the form of an informal article? Or perhaps you’d like to write a more academic style essay and publish it online?

Here is an opportunity to do so: later this year I will taking a break from the blog when I go on maternity leave. I am looking for guest bloggers to write articles for Music Therapy Blog in my absence.

A wide variety of content is desirable, and there is no limit to how many bloggers publish a post! Please note that all articles submitted will be reviewed and edit suggestions will be made before going live on the blog.

If you would like to enquire about being a guest blogger for Music Therapy Blog, please contact me by commenting on this post, or contacting me via my Twitter profile or the Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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ellieruddock Written by:

Ellie received her MA in Music Therapy from Roehampton University, and undertook additional training to receive certification as a Neurologic Music Therapist. She is employed by Chiltern Music Therapy and as well as a clinician works as a Supervisor and Manager for the organisation. Ellie has experience of working individually and running groups with adults, older adults, children and infants across a number of health and social care sectors, including learning disabilities, ASD, mental health, brain injury and dementia. Alongside her music therapy work Ellie was previously a Trustee and the Student Liaison Officer for the British Association for Music Therapy.

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