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I am making myself a mid-year resolution: to post more but write less.

Historically, posts on this blog are lengthy and probably take more of an academic essay form than casual writing on a subject matter. After recent talks with wonderfully supportive friends (that are also colleagues!) they have convinced me to write more casually and take the pressure off publishing such ‘big’ topics. So here is the challenge: how to publish my thoughts without having to take thousands of words to think through the themes arising! Maybe this means I have to be more transparent in my thoughts and opinions?

There is a blog post that I am halfway through writing, and yes, it is one of my classic lengthy posts! The title of the next ‘essay’ will be: managing self-employment and being a clinical practitioner whilst juggling new motherhood.

The title of my next ‘casual’ post? Watch this space…

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Ellie received her MA in Music Therapy from Roehampton University, and undertook additional training to receive certification as a Neurologic Music Therapist. She is employed by Chiltern Music Therapy and as well as a clinician works as a Supervisor and Manager for the organisation. Ellie has experience of working individually and running groups with adults, older adults, children and infants across a number of health and social care sectors, including learning disabilities, ASD, mental health, brain injury and dementia. Alongside her music therapy work Ellie was previously a Trustee and the Student Liaison Officer for the British Association for Music Therapy.

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